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Look Who’s Celebrating an Amazing Milestone Birthday, Turning 70!

February 1, 2023
Look Who's Celebrating an Amazing Milestone Birthday, Turning 70! 1

Thoughts on Getting Older

Look Who's Celebrating an Amazing Milestone Birthday, Turning 70! 2
Authors Jill Vanderwood and Sara Fitzgerald Celebrating Milestone Birthdays

Around the time I was having a milestone birthday, and turning seventy, my younger friend was celebrating one of her own. She turned fifty. The interesting thing about Sara is that her dad also had a milestone birthday. Sara’s father was nearly fifty years old when she was born. On his ultimate, milestone birthday, her dad just turned one hundred!

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Is This Really Love?

September 28, 2019
Love written in sand

I have been married for forty year. I am a wife, a mother, grandmother and great-grandmother. I have been thinking a lot about what makes a good or bad relationship and I want to share something with you about finding love. Ask yourself, is this really love?

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1st Abundant Garden

August 29, 2019
1st Abundant Garden 3

Last year was our 1st abundant garden, since we moved to Malad, Idaho. The ground was tilled, but it was already June and my husband Bill was busy putting in a sprinkler system, there was no sign of a garden.

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Watch Your Mouth! Using Bad Language

August 14, 2019
Angry Texts

Swearing, Bad Language and The Insulting, Harmful Way People Speak to Each Other

This morning I was at the park, picking cherries, when I heard someone swearing and using profanities. The bad language continued and I figured it was coming from the park restroom, where I could see a mop bucket by the door. This was a Parks and Recreation worker speaking this way, in a public park where preschoolers come with their parents.

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Being Older–A Surprisingly Joyful List of 25

July 14, 2019
Being Older--A Surprisingly Joyful List of 25 4

Twenty-Five Reasons to Enjoy Being Older

I’m Only One Grandma

Jill Vanderwood at

What could be better than getting a senior discount at movies, getting paid for staying home, and being able to drive like a grandma? Getting older definitely has it perks!

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Trust is the Key!

June 24, 2019
Close up of keys

Do you remember the first time your parents gave you a key to your house or apartment?

That was a big step! It meant that your parents trusted you. They trusted that you weren’t going to let someone else have that key. You weren’t going to invite strangers over, and you weren’t going to make a huge mess while they were at work. They were also trusting that you were grown up enough for that responsibility.

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