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Look Who’s Celebrating an Amazing Milestone Birthday, Turning 70!

February 1, 2023
Look Who's Celebrating an Amazing Milestone Birthday, Turning 70! 1

Thoughts on Getting Older

Around the time I was having a milestone birthday, and turning seventy, my younger friend was celebrating one of her own. She turned fifty. The interesting thing about Sara is that her dad also had a milestone birthday. Sara’s father was nearly fifty years old when she was born. On his ultimate, milestone birthday, her dad just turned one hundred!

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1 Teenage Girl’s Alarming Hair Loss

March 29, 2022
1 Teenage Girl's Alarming Hair Loss 2

I am writing about the topic of teenage hair loss in females, because this is what I experienced as a teenager at the age of thirteen.

I experienced teenage hair loss. My name is Jill Vanderwood I am an author at I am also a licensed cosmetologist. The technical term for hair loss is alopecia and from what I’ve read, the hair loss I experienced was not regular alopecia areata, which is baldness in spots.

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Is This Really Love?

September 28, 2019
Love written in sand

I have been married for forty year. I am a wife, a mother, grandmother and great-grandmother. I have been thinking a lot about what makes a good or bad relationship and I want to share something with you about finding love. Ask yourself, is this really love?

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1st Abundant Garden

August 29, 2019
1st Abundant Garden 3

Last year was our 1st abundant garden, since we moved to Malad, Idaho. The ground was tilled, but it was already June and my husband Bill was busy putting in a sprinkler system, there was no sign of a garden.

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Watch Your Mouth! Using Bad Language

August 14, 2019
Angry Texts

Swearing, Bad Language and The Insulting, Harmful Way People Speak to Each Other

This morning I was at the park, picking cherries, when I heard someone swearing and using profanities. The bad language continued and I figured it was coming from the park restroom, where I could see a mop bucket by the door. This was a Parks and Recreation worker speaking this way, in a public park where preschoolers come with their parents.

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Being Older–A Surprisingly Joyful List of 25

July 14, 2019
Being Older--A Surprisingly Joyful List of 25 4

Twenty-Five Reasons to Enjoy Being Older

I’m Only One Grandma

Jill Vanderwood at

What could be better than getting a senior discount at movies, getting paid for staying home, and being able to drive like a grandma? Getting older definitely has it perks!

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