A Balance in Your Life: Are we seriously stuck looking out for #1?

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Those who bring sunshine into the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves. Scatter sunshine all around the way, love and bless and brighten every passing day!

 We have all heard someone say, “I’m only looking out for number one!” or,"I’m looking out for numero uno!" Which basically means that I come first!

When I was a child attending Sunday school I was taught that God comes first, then others and then yourself. When I think this way, it helps to bring a balance into my life.

 It’s great to look out for yourself—through exercise, eating a healthy diet and getting enough sleep. But where do others come into your life? Are they last?

And, is there a place for God or your higher power in the life where you are numero uno? There needs to be a balance in your life.

Stacked Rocks Sunset
Those who bring sunshine into the lives of others can not keep it from themselves. James Matthew Barrie

I often hear people say, “When I win the lottery, I will help other people.”

That’s a great sentiment. For one thing, they don’t sound selfish. After all, they only want to win so they can do some good in this world.

But, think about it. How likely is it that this person will win the lottery? Will they only help others if they win the lottery? What about now? What about all the money and energy they are putting into this dream? Are they helping others now or are they still looking out for numero uno? https://www.idaholottery.com/

 Although money would be helpful in doing good for others, it isn’t necessary. Do you have an hour to spare, once a week? It doesn’t take much to help. You could read to someone who doesn’t have much human contact. https://jillvanderwood.com/things-that-matter/find-your-path/

I have a dear friend, Gwena Fish. Each day she says a prayer and asks God, “Who needs me today?” She has a balance in her life.

My husband Bill worked nights, so we always turned the ringer off on the house phone until he woke up. The minute I turned the ringer back on, the phone rang. It was Gwena Fish. She said, “I know you need me today. What can I do to help?”

 At first, I couldn’t think of a thing—and then it hit me. My son who was in junior high had been suspended from school for smoking. This was his third offence and the principal said he couldn’t come back this time. I was trying to home school him, but he wouldn’t get up in the morning. When I did manage to get him up, he wouldn’t do his school work. I was fighting a losing battle. https://www.abeka.com/resources/homeschoolarticles/homeschoolsuccess.aspx

 I told her about the situation with my son and she said, “My husband and I are both teachers and we want to teach Ein.” It was as if a load of stress had just lifted off my shoulders.

Gwena and Mel Fish helped Ein with algebra, history and science. They even moved him into their home for a short time. They had older sons who mentored him to get back on track with his life.

 If Gwena Fish only looked out for numero uno, where would that leave the rest of us?

My mother, a retired nurse, filled her time by making meals and treats to take to others, she read to ladies in a nursing home, and she knit sweaters for each of her grandchildren. She had a busy and fulfilling life where she was always thinking of others. She found a balance in her life by helping others. When my mother became blind and could no longer do those things, other people did them for her.

My husband and I had a next door neighbor named Danny, who took out his tractor after each snowstorm and cleared our driveway for us, without charge. Our neighbors moved out and the home next to us was vacant. We wondered what we would do for snow removal. Danny and his family lived several blocks away. During a snow storm, he drove his tractor over to our house to remove the snow.

Those who bring sunshine to the lives of others, can not keep it from themselves.

   What do I plan to do today? I will be helping a young mother of five do her laundry. What do you plan to do?

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