Erase the Problem of Bullying

by Jill Ammon Vanderwood
published by All Things That Matter Press

This is an anthology with stories written by those who have been bullied and others who were bullies themselves. Each story also has positive advice for kids who face bullying. It covers topics like LGBTQ bullying, religious bullying, bullying because of race or disability and cyberbullying. There are also stories from celebrities who were bullied.

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Book Cover for Erase the Problem of Bullying

About Erase the Problem of Bullying

Bullying, discrimination, teasing, and abuse are harmful. Some violate your civil rights, as well. And all of them are wrong.

Bullies nearly kept NBA All-Star James Donaldson from a successful basketball career. Abby was bullied by her friends’ parents because of her mom’s occupation. Federal prisoner Cedric Dean learned at a young age to bully others to get what he wanted, but now works to educate troubled youth. Their stories, along with many others, offer insight into bullying from the perspective of both the victim and the bully.

Experts, from authors to retired court judges, share information and resources to help both kids and parents learn their rights and ways to protect from bullying.

Others have survived bullying and built successful lives.

You can, too.

What People are Saying

A Must-Read For ALL Ages!

The number one life-changing thing someone can witness or be a part of is Bullying. Whether you are the victim or the bully itself, nothing is more painful and life-altering than this. I really and firmly believe this book needs to surface inside schools and have children read it alongside their curriculum.

PennyPincher – Tomoson Reviewer

This needs to be mandatory reading in every school

After going through this book, I must say that it has some very touching stories. [It] talks about bullying on all sorts of levels, and in all sorts of situations. There are stories in the book from people that were bullied, and how it affected their life. It contains stories about being bullied about your race, religion, sexual orientation, disabilities, etc.

This book needs to be in every school, elementary, middle, and high school. It should also be required reading in my mind. Not everybody is a victim of bullying, but many people think their behavior is acceptable.

Michael Bullock – Tomoson Reviewer