13 Things Everyone Should Know About Bullying and Discrimination

1. Bullying and discrimination are not your fault!

Girl being bullied
You deserve to be treated with respect!
Bullying because of race

2. What you think of as bullying could really be discrimination!

A. If you are bullied because of your race
Bullied for religious beliefs
B. If you are bullied because of your religion
Bullied because of disabilities
Keeping children with Disabilities cdc.gov
C. If you are bullied because of a disability
D. Or because of your sexual orientation
bullied for beliefs
Being different

3. You should know your school’s discrimination policies

Anti-bullying procedures

4. You should know your school’s anti-bullying policies

cyber bullying laws
cyberbullying laws

5. Know your state’s cyberbullying laws

Einstein on being a bullying bystander

6. If you are watching someone being bullied and don’t speak up, you are a by-stander—which means you are a participant.

7. There are three kinds of bullies

Being a bully
Being a bully https://bullies2buddies.com/
A. The Bully
anti bullying
Anti Bullying
B. The Bystander
C. The one who encourages the bully from the sidelines: Hit him harder! Take his lunch money!
Bullying isn't a laughing matter

8. Bullying isn’t cute or funny!

Bullying Human Rights

9. By being a bully, you may be violating a student’s human rights. https://jillvanderwood.com/book-blogs/erase-the-problem-of-bullying/celebrities-who-were-bullied/

Anti-Bullying Safe learning
A safe learning environment

10. You may be interfering with another student’s right to a safe education.

Cyberbullying is a crime
Cyberbullying is a crime!

11.  If you post a threat to someone online, that comment can be traced to the computer or phone of origin.

Teaching online responsibility
Teaching online responsibility

12. Young children should be taught to use computers responsibly.

Sometimes parents opt to take the phone away

13.  In some cases, a student will decide not to tell a parent about cyberbullying for fear of having their internet privileges revoked.

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