Through the Rug

by Jill Ammon Vanderwood
illustrated by Lee Westover

Come along with Grandma Emma, ten-year-old Alyssa, and a quirky dog named Domino, on a magical adventure to Wishville!

Grandma Emma goes to cooking school. She doesn’t realize that she’s actually learning magic. When making a formula for more days in the week, Grandma misreads the recipe and the formula expands onto the kitchen rug. When she goes to clean up the mess, she falls through the rug to a magical place called Wishville, along with her granddaughter and her colorful dog, Domino.

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About Through the Rug

This fun series teaches children to spend as much time as possible with the ones they love, and to enjoy life’s surprises.

There is magic at every turn in a land where all wishes are granted.

Grandma Emma signed up for cooking school not realizing that she was actually learning to perform magic—but she’s not very good at it yet. Grandma accidentally turns her black and white dog, Domino, pink and green, and when she tries a recipe to add more days in the week, the magic formula expands and spills onto the kitchen rug! Her ten-year-old granddaughter Alyssa comes to help clean up the mess, but instead, Grandma, Domino, and Alyssa find themselves falling through the rug to a magical place called Wishville, where all wishes are granted.

Surprisingly, things can go terribly wrong, even in Wishville. As Grandma falls headfirst into one mess after another, it’s up to Alyssa and Domino to straighten things out.

This beloved tale of magic has been in publication for ten years and since many kids who first read and enjoyed this book as a child are now parents themselves, Through the Rug: Tenth Anniversary Edition, can be shared with a new generation.

Meet the dogs of Through the Rug!
Meet the dogs of Through the Rug!
Visit an Amusement Park in Wishville
Visit an Amusement Park in Wishville

The Magic of Wishville

Come along with ten-year-old Alyssa, a colorful dog named Domino an absent minded grandmother and a persistent dogcatcher as they fall through the rug. Your adventure will take you to Wishville where all wishes are granted. Swim with the fishes, meet up with pirates, and spend the night at the zoo. Discover the magic of more hours in the day, and enjoy every adventure you fall into. You will leave Wishville knowing you can return at any time.

Ten year old Alyssa is visiting her grandmother while her parents are out of town.

Grandma Emma has been attending cooking classes, and she is anxious to try out some of her new recipes. Alyssa thinks something is fishy when her grandma gets out a chemistry set. Grandma tells her she is making a recipe for more days in the week.

While making a formula to clean the dog, Grandma has changed the color of her small black and white dog to pink and green. Her strange dog, has caught the interest of the dog catcher.

Grandma Emma Falls Through the Rug with Domino!
Grandma Emma Falls Through the Rug with Domino!

When grandma fails to follow her recipe, the formula expands onto the small rug. As she attempts to clean up the mess, her dog Domino jumps onto her back and they both fall through the rug.

Alyssa and the dog catcher follow her grandma and Domino into a strange place called Wishville, where all wishes are granted.

They soon find out that you get exactly what you wish for. They find themselves in more messes, from leaving Wishville with no way to return, to going to sleep at the zoo.

The dog catcher left Wishville, vowing to catch Domino when they get home. When they return to Grandma’s house, the adventure continues with the magic of more days in the week.

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What the Kids are Saying

Prior to publishing her very first book, Through the Rug, author Jill Vanderwood had an official reading for a class of fifth graders. This is what the kids had to say about the book…

What People are Saying

Reviewed by Emily-Jane Hills Orford for Readers’ Favorite

There’s nothing more special than spending time alone with a grandmother. You can do different things with Grandma, things that perhaps your parents wouldn’t dream of doing or just don’t have the time. Alyssa loves spending time with her Grandma. She loves doing things with Grandma, especially in the kitchen because Grandma loves to bake delicious treats. The only thing is, Grandma sometimes does the strangest things, like wear big cat slippers to go to the grocery store. And this time, apparently, Grandma has taken a special cooking course and has been awarded an honorary degree in the magic of cooking.

Life in Grandma’s kitchen has taken on a whole new dimension as Alyssa, upon arriving for an extended stay, notices colorful test tubes lined up on the kitchen counter and Grandma’s dog is now hot pink with lime green ears and a blue tongue. But the fun is only just beginning. After Alyssa’s dad leaves, Domino, the dog, starts running around the neighborhood and someone calls a dogcatcher. In all the excitement and the threat of Domino being taken away by the dogcatcher, Grandma knocks over one of the test tubes, and a spot in the rug opens up, into which fall the dog, Grandma, Alyssa and, of course, the dogcatcher. And a new adventure begins in a world known as Wishville, where everyone’s every wish comes true. All you have to do is wish.

Jill Ammon Vanderwood has a vivid imagination with no limits, or so it would seem. Obviously she had a wonderful and fascinating grandmother in her life. Her fun-filled young people’s novel, Through the Rug, is full of amusing and entertaining adventures, ones that only an imagination let loose could possibly dream up. This story will certainly appeal to young readers and perhaps inspire them to let their imaginations run wild. And, if only a wish is all that it takes for a wish to come true, perhaps the dreams of these young readers will reach for the sky as well. A great and enjoyable read, a good story to share with Grandma.

Emily-Jane Hills Orford – Readers’ Favorite

I was pleasantly surprised with this book. It was very cute and had a great mix of dialogue and actions that made it fun to read. I read it aloud to my kinder class over a few days and they were interested throughout.

I love how the adventure is staring a female protagonist and her grandmother. It makes it relatable for kids and is a great introduction to female heroines.

I highly recommend this book and cannot wait to read the others!

As a teacher, I will keep this trilogy in my classroom to read all the time!

Mitch Tsang

Through the Rug is a fantastic book. I was really excited when I got the first of the series as my children have already read the 2nd one, Through the Rug 2. They now have finished the first one and are on the second one again, waiting patiently for the 3rd book. This book has been able to keep the interest of my children and helps encourage my pre-teens to spend time reading to their little sister. She may not understand the book, but loves to hear them. This book is great and I highly recommend it.


I love your book! I’m not just being nice! It’s more than good, it’s great! How did you think of that great book? It’s the best book I’ve ever read! I love it, love it, love it!

Rhiannon, age 10

I really like the book, I really like Wishville too. You can wish anything you want.

Andi, age 11

I liked your book very much. It is very creative. I especially liked Domino. I will never forget this book. I think you should keep writing because you’re such a detailed writer.

Stormie, age 10

I think this is the most greatest fiction book ever. I wish that I was in Wishville. I think the pictures are very pretty. I hope everyone will like your book. Did I say like? I mean love your book.

Maddy, age 10

The book is great. Full of excitement, wonder and wishes. It makes me wonder and wish I could go to Wishville.

Elizabeth, age 11

I like the story because it was a good book. I like the title because it was called Through the Rug. Thank you for sharing your book with us.

Allesen, age 10

I like your creative ideas. I think you should do more books. You did a good job.

Casey, age 10

I for one think your book should be published all over the world because it is that good!!!

David, age 10

I love the story characters they are cool. My favorite character is grandma. She reminds me of my grandma, she is a teacher of science. I love how it’s like I’m in the story.

Seasons, age 10

I for one really loved your book. I think you could write another book and I bet I still would love it. Your book could go all around the world for other people to read it.

Summer, age 11

I love that story. Domino is the most coolist dog and it’s the most coolist story ever.

Savanna, age 10

It’s a wonderful and enchanting book full of wonder, excitement and wishes.

Landen, age 10
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