Off Target: The Path You Choose – #1

What would you do if your friend showed you a gun?

Off Target is the first book in The Path You Choose series. You, the reader, determine the outcome by the choices you make. Once you read one story, go back and choose a different story. There are thirteen possible endings in this book. What Path Will You Choose?

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Book Cover for Off Target: The Path You Choose - #1

Off Target: The Path You Choose – #1 Preview

You are new in town and it’s your first day at a new school. Your neighbor, Trevor introduces you to a new group of three boys and two girls.

Right away you notice that Eric, one of the guys in the group, is being bullied at school. When you go to Eric’s house with your new group of friends, he shows the group a fully loaded handgun that is left in his mother’s nightstand.

You are faced with some hard choices when someone suggests that Eric should take the gun to school.

What should you do? It’s time to choose a path:

If you’re worried that Eric will take the gun to school–continue on page 7

If you decide to take the gun to prevent anyone from being hurt–continue on page 9

If you leave the house with the others and plan to come back for target practice the next day–continue on page 10

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What People are Saying

Jill Ammon Vanderwood has dealt with a controversial topic in a way that makes sense to teenagers; the mark of a talented YA author!

Louanne Piccolo

With thirteen possible endings, all of which teach some important lessons about the relationship between young Americans and guns, this is an accomplished work which is socially conscious and also interesting for middle grade students and up to read.

K. C. Finn

Jill Ammon Vanderwood’s interactive social issues book for young adults and preteens, Off Target: The Path You Choose #1, is a stark and realistic workbook designed to help kids figure out what to do when the unthinkable occurs. This book may save lives — it’s that good. Off Target: The Path You Choose #1 is most highly recommended.

Jack Magnus
Jill Off Target