Through the Rug 2: Follow That Dog

by Jill Ammon Vanderwood

Rub your return token and come to Wishville, for more fun adventures and magical mishaps. Follow that Dog is a winning recipe for fun!

Domino is running down the road with the rug, being chased by the dogcatcher. They both, suddenly disappear through the rug, to Wishville. Grandma and Alyssa hurriedly make a formula so they can go back through the rug and get Domino back. They experience many adventures and don’t even realize that they have been followed to Wishville by a bank robber and two police officers.

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Book Cover for Through the Rug 2: Follow That Dog

About Follow that Dog

Follow that Dog is the hilarious second book in the Through the Rug series, where Grandma’s magical mishaps turn into even more adventures with her colorful dog Domino and her granddaughter Alyssa.

The dogcatcher returns for Grandma Emma’s dog, Domino, or is it the rug he’s after?

Grandma and Alyssa follow Domino, through the rug, back to Wishville, where all wishes are granted. Domino outsmarts the dogcatcher and makes sure things don’t turn out well for a bank robber, with a bag full of money. Alyssa falls into the nest of a strange bird, and Grandma’s most embarrassing moment is broadcast on national television.

When the dogcatcher tries to snag Domino, it quickly becomes clear that it might be the magical rug he’s after. Grandma and Alyssa follow Domino through the rug back to Wishville, where he tries to outsmart the dogcatcher without getting caught.

Things don’t go as planned, however, and before they know it, they’ve got more than the dogcatcher to worry about—they’re in the path of a bank robber!

Follow that Dog!!!
Follow that Dog!!!

With Domino busy taking care of that sticky situation, Alyssa finally gets her wish to become a singer, but arrives on stage just before curtain time without a drummer, and Grandma demonstrates her talents in a cooking competition, but accidentally starts the auditorium on fire!

Can magic and wishes bring them all back together safely or is this the end of their exciting adventures in Wishville?

Through the Rug 2: Follow that Dog Tenth Anniversary Edition, continues the magic for a whole new generation.

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Meet the dogs of Through the Rug 2: Follow That Dog
Meet the dogs of Through the Rug 2: Follow That Dog

What People are Saying

Here is another great book in the series, “Through the Rug,” Follow that Dog Book 2 is another great adventure with Alyssa and Grandma Emma as the dog catcher tries to catch their dog, Domino.

This is the second book in the series that my kids have read, and they loved this one as well. It also is great for grades 2 thru 5 and my 7th-grade boy even enjoyed it. This book doesn’t seem to have as many pictures as the first but still enough to be entertaining. I also like that this is a good book to help readers transition from storybooks to simple chapter books. The chapters are only a few pages long, so this helps in keeping the attention (if that is even needed).

This book is written by a grandma who loves her kids and grandkids and had them in mind as she wrote. We are so privileged to be able to have this shared with us.

5 out of 5 stars again for this amazing book series!


The cover on this book draws the attention of my kiddos. My son (quiet, very few words) states, That is a good book. Once he started reading it kept his attention and he reads 6 chapters without a break. I believe it is more than just a good book!

We can’t wait for another one!


My daughter Lillian love[s] this book so much she just would pick it up and read any time she had free time. She would come up to me and say, Mom listen to this part and read me part of the book and smile.


Your book has inspired me to write a book with 40 chapters.

David (age 10)

In Wishville you can wish anything and that’s what lots of kids want, to just wish for something and they get it.

Odalis (age 10)

I love the book, it is my favorite book. I think everyone should read it, then everyone would like it.

Nicole (age 10)
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