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Look Who’s Celebrating an Amazing Milestone Birthday, Turning 70!

February 1, 2023
Look Who's Celebrating an Amazing Milestone Birthday, Turning 70! 1

Thoughts on Getting Older

Around the time I was having a milestone birthday, and turning seventy, my younger friend was celebrating one of her own. She turned fifty. The interesting thing about Sara is that her dad also had a milestone birthday. Sara’s father was nearly fifty years old when she was born. On his ultimate, milestone birthday, her dad just turned one hundred!

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Utah Author Day

December 2, 2022
<strong>Utah Author Day</strong> 2

Utah Governor Cox has declared Saturday, December 3rd to be the official Utah Author Day!

Local author Jill Ammon Vanderwood will participate in Utah Author Day along with over 100 Utah Authors. There will be local appearances around the state, at 18 different sites. Many will be signing books at local libraries from Cedar City to Davis Co., and everywhere in between. Utah Authors Day

Other local authors will participate at independently owned bookstores.

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Our First Coronavirus Fire Drill

May 27, 2020
Corona Virus Scare

Dear Family,

This is Mom. Today, Friday, April 10th, 2020 Dad and I had a real scare. Your dad started having chills. He was wearing a long sleeve shirt and a sweatshirt. He drank tea to warm up, but it didn’t help. He was having a chill and couldn’t get warm. We thought he might be showing symptoms of the Coronavirus.

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