Stay at Home, Save Lives During 1 Virus Outbreak

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Stay at home with your family and stay safe

Dear Young Grandchildren,

Many things are changing in the United States and other countries all around the world, but many things will stay the same. Flowers will bloom, grass will grow and you will still have your birthday.

Stay at home during 1 virus outbreak
Spending time with your parents

There is a virus, called the Coronavirus or COVID-19.

It’s kind of like when someone gets the flu and they are sick and throwing up. And kind of like when someone has a cold and coughs, and you try not to get sick from them.

This virus is a lot worse than a cold or the flu because when one person gets sick and coughs—they get everyone around them sick. The next person gets everyone around them sick and soon, there are so many sick people that it’s keeping all the hospitals, doctors and nurses too busy.

We need to stay at home a lot more now, so we won’t get sick. We also need to wash our hands more, so we won’t have germs on our hands.

Stay at Home, Save Lives During 1 Virus Outbreak 1
Your parents will take your temperature or feel your forehead to see if you feel hot.

When children and their parents stay home and wash their hands, they can stay healthy. If children and their parents get sick, they can have a test to see if they have the Coronavirus and get help very quickly.

Stay home during 1 virus outbreak
You can hug your mom, if neither of you are sick

You can’t get close to friends or strangers right now, but you can still hug and kiss your mom and dad unless you or your parents get sick.

Springtime will still come. The grass and flowers will grow. The sun will come out and the sky will be blue, and on some days, it will rain. At night the stars and the moon will shine. When it’s time for your birthday, it will come, like always. You might miss celebrating with your friends from school, but you can still have a small party at home.

Mom’s and dads also miss their friends and their work, but some parents will be working from home and children are having school at home, as well.

When people stop getting sick and most people are well, then you will go back to school or the daycare and moms and dads will go back to work. But for now, we need to stay home and stay safe. It’s okay to go for a bike ride with your parents or brothers and sister, write letters, draw pictures and pick flowers or grow a garden outside on the porch, or in your yard.

You can go for a walk outside
You can go for a walk outside with your family

Grandma and Grandpa are older and we live far away, in a different state now. We can’t cross the state line, so we won’t be able to visit you for a while.  If we get sick it will be harder for us to get well again, because we are older. We also need to stay home. We can’t go out to movies or the park. We can get takeout food and go to the store for groceries, but we try to stay home most of the time.

A Grandma staying at home to save lives
A Grandma staying at home to save lives

We can grow a garden, make cookies, call on the phone and watch TV.

You can send pictures to Grandma and Grandpa and let us know how you are doing. You can also sing us a song on Facetime.

We are doing well, and we are happy. We hope you are well and happy too!

Love Grandma and Grandpa

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