The Year Santa Lost His List

by Jill Ammon Vanderwood A.K.A. Mrs. Claus
illustrated by Kerah Diez

With list in hand, Santa boarded his sleigh on Christmas Eve. Things were going well until a huge gush of wind blew the list right out of Santa’s hand.

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About The Year Santa Lost His List

Santa still had gifts to deliver, but without his list, he had no idea which gift to deliver to which child.

He brought ice skates to Julie, who always wanted to be an artist.

Noah, whose only interest was baseball, received a guitar and microphone.

Santa was worried that he may not have gotten the gifts delivered to the right children, but he didn’t need to worry. Children will discover, along with Santa, the magic that took place the year Santa lost his list!

Why I Wrote The Year Santa Lost His List

My husband is a professional Santa Claus and I’m a professional Mrs. Claus. Bill is so popular now, after more than twenty years, that he starts booking parties and events early in the year. Some people rebook from year to year, and if you want to choose the date of your party, rather than taking whatever spots he has left, you will need to book before August.

My husband, Santa Bill had a Palm Pilot where he kept all his Santa appointments with names, dates, and addresses. Late in November, his Palm Pilot crashed, and he lost all the important information. He was very worried because he had no idea where he was supposed to be on any given day. The only thing Santa Bill could do was hope that each person would call to confirm their appointments, so he would show up at the right place.

An idea began to form in my head. What if I wrote a book about Santa losing his list? Before Santa had electronic devices, he always had to rely on a paper list, so he would know which gifts to deliver to which child. What if he had a sleigh full of toys and he lost his list? Where would he deliver all the toys?

In the story, after a big gush of wind blew his list away, Santa did his best while delivering the gifts. Ella wanted to be a nurse when she grew up. She asked Santa for an anatomy doll and a nurse’s kit, but instead, she got a video camera. Carter—who wanted a video camera—got Ella’s nurse’s kit and anatomy doll. Ben was interested in the stars and planets. What was his gift that year? He got a flute for Christmas.

Even though Santa really mixed up the gifts, there was no need to worry. That was the year when all the kids discovered new talents.

The Illustrations for The Year Santa Lost His List

This book was published one year after Kerah Diez illustrated Santa’s Mysterious Boot: Finding the True Spirit of Christmas. The first book was illustrated with hand drawings and watercolor paintings. This second Christmas, picture book also helped Kerah Diez discover her new talents. She illustrated this book with vivid colors and new techniques she had learned over the past year. You will love seeing the diverse contrast in Kerah Diez’s art.

All Ages - Dove Foundation Approved
All Ages
Dove Foundation Approved

An award for The Year Santa Lost His List

This book was entered in the Dove Foundation award and won a five-dove review and the Dove Foundation Family Approved for All Ages sticker.

What People are Saying

This book was awesome!!! The illustrations were beautiful! My kids absolutely love this book.


I recently received a children’s book that I must say I absolutely fell in LOVE with!!! The title of the book is, “The Year Santa Lost His List!” The book tells a story of how Santa was delivering gifts to children and suddenly a strong wind blew his list away… he had no idea what child went with what gift. The story shows how children received gifts from Santa that they didn’t necessarily ask for… but as time goes on and they become older… you see how those gifts brought out gifts in the children’s lives.

The author, Jill Ammon Vanderwood, AKA Mrs. Claus has outdone herself with the magic of Christmas as well as showing children that you don’t always get what you want . . . but you do always get surprised in what you never thought you would like. This is a must read for the holidays

Kathie Crowther – Tomoson Reviewer