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My husband, Bill is a professional Santa Claus and I am Mrs. Claus during the Christmas Season. On our many Santa visits, we are handed treats, trinkets, Santa Christmas Letters, and lists of items kids want for Christmas.

On a recent occasion, at a department store, a family with three little girls, handed us their very well thought out Christmas Santa letters, with return addresses.

Here is a Santa Christmas letter from a girl under the age of ten.

Santa Bill and Jill Vanderwood
Santa and Mrs. Claus

Dear Santa Claus,

What I want for Christmas is a My New-Born Baby boy doll.

If you know what happened on Wednesday—It was because I got mad because [my sister] Samantha put snow in my hair, so I got her back. But I know that it was a bad thing, and I will try to be better, so I can get on the nice list. I know I have a short time because there’s only eleven days until Christmas.

Do you have a shiny sleigh?

Does Mrs. Claus get mad if you do not eat?

Can you talk to all your reindeer?

The day got mad at Samantha, I was telling [my friend]Tyler to slow down, so he did—but he was taking baby steps and I had it! I grabbed his hat and pulled him, but I guess I pulled his hair and I know it was another bad thing I did, so I will try to be better.

Love, Kelly


Sleighman Santa Bill
Sleighman Santa Bill is featured on Utah Santas

This is a letter to Kelly, from Santa—Written by Mrs. Claus


This is Santa. Thank you for coming to see me and Mrs. Claus. We love visiting with kids at Christmas time!

We got your letter, and I’m ready to answer some of your questions.

I do have a shiny sleigh which is up in Park City, because there isn’t enough snow in your area. At the stable where we leave the reindeer, they give them straw to lye down on, hay to eat and those big carrots to eat, not the baby carrots. They loan us a little car to drive around in.

Mrs. Claus doesn’t get mad at me if I don’t eat, because I’m a really good eater. She tells me that I shouldn’t eat all the cookies at all the homes, because I won’t want any dinner after that.

I can talk to all the reindeer, but they don’t always listen to me. Some of them are very stubborn.

Now, Kelly, I want to talk to you about the day when you put snow in your sister’s hair. For one thing, she put snow in your hair first, so that’s what we call a snowball fight. Snowball fights can get out of hand though, especially if someone is mad when they try to get someone back. If you and your sister are laughing, then it’s still fun. But, if you are yelling and calling names, it’s no longer fun and someone could get hurt.

The time you got mad at Tyler because he was taking baby steps—you pulled off his hat. Once again, you were mad, so it wasn’t just teasing or playing around. Playing around is fun, fighting is not. I know you didn’t mean to pull Tyler’s hair.

I want you to think of something nice to do for both Samantha and Tyler, along with an apology. If you will do some kind acts, you will see that Santa always gives second chances.

I have a lot of gifts to deliver this year, and you will find some special gifts with your name on them. One of them might be a New-Born Baby, boy doll.

Merry Christmas,


Santa and Mrs. Claus

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