I Found Santa Claus!

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Santa Bill and I went on a summer trip to Universal Studios. There are many characters walking around this land of movie and TV magic. One of these characters, that day was Santa Claus. He was wearing his traditional red, summer outfit.

I Found Santa Claus! 1
Summertime Santa Bill and Mrs. Claus

Santa’s Mysterious Boot https://jillvanderwood.com/books/santas-mysterious-boot/

We had just arrived, going up escalator after escalator until we reached the top. The whole area was bustling with tourists. We were standing at the top, looking at a map and trying to decide which area we wanted to visit first, when I noticed a little boy about five years old.

He must have been separated from his family and he was running around, frantically looking up at the people around him to see if he could find his mom. His face became red and he was about to cry, until he spotted someone familiar.

The little boy had found a safe person, Santa Claus. His demeanor changed and he let out a sigh. He ran up to Santa Bill and latched onto his leg. He hung on to Bill and didn’t move.

We bent down to ask his name and he said in a quiet voice, “Danny.” We had just asked what his mom looked like, when we spotted a frantic mother, searching for her lost son. She spotted her son, clinging to Santa’s leg.

Relief came over the mother and her child. She grabbed him by the hand and all she said was, “I’m sorry.” They walked away, hand in hand. It looked like he was being scolded for running off.

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