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Just a few of many people who were bullied as children but rose to be something great!

Cristina Aguilera

Singer, couldn’t relate with other kids because she always wanted to be in front of a camera. She began acting at a young age. Once she had her tires slashed by classmates in high school.

Clay Aiken

American Idol Finalist, once told Dr. Phil that he was bullied because he was the only male in the high school choir. He didn’t sing for a long time because of the taunting.

Jessica Alba

This actress was bullied because she was shy and awkward. Her dad had to walk her to school for protection and she had to eat lunch in the nurse’s office.

Christian Bale

Actor, began acting at age 13. He was instantly hated at school. Kids kicked and punched him every day at school.

Tyra Banks

Super model, was bullied because she was tall and skinny with a high forehead.

Pierce Brosnan

Actor and former James Bond, was teased because he moved to London with an Irish accent. He worked hard to pick up the English accent.

Sandra Bullock

Actress, was teased because of her German accent and because she dressed in European cloths.

Bill Clinton

42nd president, was bullied because he was overweight and played an instrument in the band at school.

Chris Colfer

Actor, was bullied because of his voice. He told the kids who bullied him that they were delinquents and some other words they couldn’t understand. Now that he’s famous, the same kids say they were his friend in high school—but he has a good memory.

Tom Cruise

Actor, was bullied in school because he was small and couldn’t read well because of dyslexia.

Miley Cyrus

Actress and singer, started her career at a young age. She was bullied by the Anti-Miley club. She was once locked in a bathroom at school during class.

Jennifer Freeman

Actress, was teased about having a bad case of acne while growing up. She now thinks the teasing helped her be a better person, by understanding what others are going through.

Lady Gaga

Actress, singer, was bullied in school for being different. On an interview with Ellen, she said she wants her fans to know it’s okay to be different.

Taylor Lautner

Twilight actor, he was bullied because of his acting. He was determined to continue acting and not let the comments get to him.

Demi Lavato

Actress and singer, was targeted at school by some mean girls. The teasing and bullying became so bad that she had to be homeschooled.

Kate Middleton

Duchess of Cambridge, was bullied at school. A group of girls stole her books. Whenever she sat down at a table in the lunchroom, the others at that table would get up and move to another table.

Robert Patterson

Twilight actor, was beat for acting like an actor at school

Michael Phelps

World Champion Olympic Swimmer was teased for his long arms and legs, big protruding ears and talking with a lisp. He also had ADHD and a teacher said he wasn’t gifted.

Danial Radcliffe

Harry Potter actor, was punched in the face at school for trying to defend another kid from bullying.

Jessica Simpson

Singer, was bullied at school because kids didn’t believe she had a record deal at age 13. Some kids even threw toilet paper and eggs at her house.

Britney Snow

Actress, was bullied daily at school. She started an organization, Love is louder to deal with depression, bullying and suicide.

Kristen Stewart

Twilight actress, was fine in school until age fourteen when kids found out that she was an actress. The bullying and taunting got so bad, she continued with online school, while continuing with her acting career.

Taylor Swift

Singer/songwriter, was bullied in Jr. high. She now realizes that the isolation and misery she endured because of bullying actually motivated her to write songs.

Justin Timberlake

Actor/singer, was bullied because he didn’t play football. He preferred taking music and art classes. Being different as a kid has helped him become a better musician.

Michelle Trechtenberg

Actress from Gossip Girl and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, was bullied in school. She was thrown down a flight of stairs—fracturing her ribs and nose. When she used the word ‘bitch’ to describe one of the girls who hurt her, she was suspended from school.

Emma Watson

Harry Potter actress, dropped out of college for awhile because the bullying got so bad.

Kate Winslet

Actress, was bullied in school and called chubby. She heard people say, “It’s a shame she’s so chubby because she has such a pretty face. Kate is still being bullied in Hollywood for gaining and losing weight.

Prince Harry Windsor

Duke of Sussex, was bulled while growing up, because of his red hair.

Tiger Woods

Professional golfer, was tied to a tree by older boys when he was in kindergarten. He was taunted with racial slurs. He also had a hard time in school because he had a stutter, which he worked hard to overcome.

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