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Discover Your Talent

We’re living in a time where, believe it or not, people don’t have hobbies. Think back to when you were young, and you had so many interests. Did a teacher say that you showed promise as a singer, dancer or an artist? Did you write an excellent paper for English class? No doubt, that was your talent. Perhaps a talent you haven’t pursued.

I had an English teacher who liked my writing. I never saw it as a talent; however, I always wrote letters by hand and also wrote poems. I saw writing talent in my own children, yet I didn’t see it in myself.

Find Your Path

Go back to the thing you enjoyed when you were younger. If you don’t know where to begin, take an art class or join a choir. You can find almost any tutorial on YouTube. Who knows where this will take you!

I recently heard of a correlation between overeating and TV watching. This is because people tend to snack while watching TV. But the study found that those who kept their hands busy while watching TV, like drawing, hand sewing, knitting or crocheting—were less likely to snack.

During the Bosnian Wars, a refugee woman from that country requested wool yarn to be sent to them. They loved to knit and needed something to keep their minds and their hands busy. They were knitting and then when they were finished, they would unravel their work and knit it again.

In my life, there’s a time and place for mindless TV watching. It helps me to unwind. But, believe it or not—watching TV is not a hobby, talent or your path in life.

I sincerely hope you will find your talent and pursue it!

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