Being Older–A Surprisingly Joyful List of 25

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Twenty-Five Reasons to Enjoy Being Older

I’m Only One Grandma

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What could be better than getting a senior discount at movies, getting paid for staying home, and being able to drive like a grandma? Getting older definitely has it perks!

Alarm Clock  Being Older

1—You can put on your pajamas right after dinner.

Drive Like a Grandma, Being Older
You Drive Like A Grandma!

2—Being Older, you can drive like a grandma or grandpa. In fact, it’s expected!

Helping Kids with Homework
Helping With Homework

3—You don’t have to help kids with homework.

Teaching School
Parent/Teacher Conferences

4—No Parent Teacher Conferences

Converse shoes for kids

5—You don’t have to buy new shoes for kids who grow too fast.

My Cute Grandchildren
Having a Treat!

6—Being older, you can spoil grandchildren, then send them home!

Spending Time with Grandparents, Being Older

7—When older grandchildren won’t listen to their parents, they will ask you for advice.

Older Grandchildren, being older
“Grandma, You’re So Cute!”

8—Older grandchildren think everything you say is cute!

Opps! Passing Gas
Oh Dear!

9—Being older, you can pass gas without being questioned.

Your Own Style
Your Own Sense of Style

10–No one will question your sense of style!

Sleeping in
Sleeping In!

11—When you are retired, you no longer need to get up early.

Santa's House in the North
Santa’s House in the North

12—Most likely, your house is paid off.

Run a marathon!

Senior Gardening
Senior Gardening

Spend Time Gardening!

14—You can eat lunch at the senior center for a low cost.

Waiting in Line
Waiting in Line!

15—Being older, you often get to move to the front of a line!

Senior Parking Only
Senior Parking

16—People offer you a parking space!

Priority Seating for Seniors and Handicapped
Priority Seating

17—There are seats on the bus designated for seniors

18—You also get a senior discount at state and National Parks

Senior Discounts for Meals

19—Most restaurants and hotels give a senior discount

Senior Movie Discounts

20—You get a senior discount at movies

Senior Transportation
Senior Transportation

21—You get a discount on senior transportation

23—Some seniors qualify for Heat assistance.

Great States for Golden Years

24—In some state’s, seniors don’t have to pay taxes on Social Security

Work/Retirement, being older

25—Being older, you get paid for staying home—it’s called retirement!

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