The Spiderwick Chronicles Movie Review

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Going through a divorce, kids missing their father, moving away from friends, Helen Grace has her hands full.

Mallory, Jared and Simon never realize what life has in store for them when their mother moves them into the spooky old mansion of her great-aunt Lucinda.

Jared is a bit rebellious, and Simon is a bit of a nerd. Mallory is the typical older sister, when things happen around the house, she naturally blames her brother. Jared discovers a secret room, with a locked box containing the writings of Arthur Spiderwick. Arthur has been missing for 80 years.

The family and the home are surrounded by creatures that desperately need to get their hands on Arthur Spiderwick’s field manual. Will the creatures get the book? Will the family be forced out of their home? 

I did not read the books, but I plan to, soon. Based on only watching the movie, with all-stars, I enjoyed Spiderwick. It may be scary for younger children.

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