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A Modern Day Swiss Family Robinson Tale

Nim and her father, microbiologist Jack Russo live on a private island in the middle of the Asiatic Sea. They have all the conveniences of home, with regular deliveries from a supply ship. Nim enjoys her friendships with her animal pals, a sea lion, a pelican, and an iguana. She also enjoys reading the latest adventure from her favorite author, Alex Rover.

When Nim’s father fails to return an excursion to collect specimens, Nim is worried about her own safety and the safety of her father out to sea. She contacts her favorite author, Alex Rover. She is certain that Alex will know just how to find her father.

Alex Rover turns out to be Alexandra Rover, the big city dweller who is afraid to leave the comfort of her own home. Alex braves the wild world just outside her door, by taking a deep breath and listening to the promptings of her fictional adventure character.

How can this pathetic creature go over land and sea to help a courageous child find her father?

Can her father brave the storm and find his way back to his daughter? 

This is a fun family movie about going outside yourself and overcoming obstacles.

I enjoyed the acting of Abigail Breslin as much as I enjoyed Jody Foster in her skittish role.

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