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As a huge Nancy Drew fan, I was very excited to watch this modern day Nancy Drew mystery movie.

The main difference, in this modern day twist, is Nancy’s age. They set her age as a teenage high school student. The Nancy from the books is eternally eighteen-years-old. (The first books came out in the 1930s and new books are still being published today).

I was not disappointed in the Nancy Drew movie. She is a crime-solving wonder, taking chances, and even going behind her dad’s back to solve a mystery. Let’s face it, if there is a mystery to be solved, Nancy Drew is your girl.

When Nancy’s Dad, Carson Drew takes a job in Hollywood, he hopes for Nancy to make a fresh start and to give up mysteries. Nancy makes a promise to her father, “No more mysteries.” When she moves into the home of the deceased Hollywood movie star, Dehlia Draycott, the image of the movie star is prevalent throughout the house. Nancy even hears the voice of Dehlia in her sleep.

Nancy begins to wonder about Dehlia Draycott’s mysterious death. How can the teenager keep the promise to her father, when a mystery is all around her? Nancy follows clues which lead her to danger, excitement and a long lost heir. Will she solve the mystery? Will she ever be accepted by her peers at the new school? Will her dad finally understand her need to solve a mystery?

Kids and parents will love Nancy Drew. I really hope this movie will entice a whole new generation of Nancy Drew readers.

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