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A Modern Day Oliver Twist

Evan Taylor is an orphan who knows his parents are out there looking for him. He hears music in everything. He is convinced that if he can play music, his parents will find him.

Evan’s father, an Irish musician met Evan’s mother, a cello player in a chance encounter. His mother, Lyla is told that her baby has died. His father, Louis was unaware that there ever was a child. Louis and Lyla long for each other. They both give up their music and can’t find true happiness.

Evan runs away from the orphanage, saying he is following the music. He goes home with a street musician about his age, who plays for donations. Evan finds himself in a run down theatre, living with many other runaways. The leader, a man called the Wizard, discovers Evans talents, and gives him the choice spot as a street performer. He also names him August Rush, which sounds more like a performer’s name.

August Rush follows the music he hears and walks into a church with a choir practicing. Evan can play the piano on his first try. His music leads him to perform his own symphany, in Central Park. August Rush is sure that if his music can be presented to a larger audience he will find his parents.

This is a sweet and happy film. The music is delightful. You will find yourself anxiously hoping for Evan to find his parents. You will also long for Lyla and Louis, who have both turned back to their music after eleven years, to find each other again.

I highly recommend this movie for children and adults. I have seen it two times and hope to watch it again. There are very few movies I will watch twice.

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