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A collection of resources you may find helpful. Some sources are drug free ways to live life, others are help if you or a loved one are struggling with addiction.

The authors are listing these helpful resources for addiction as a courtesy – we don’t endorse any of these sites specifically and are not responsible for the information received or advice given by these individuals or their websites.

Abbey Care Foundation Helping You Beat Drug and Alcohol Addiction in the UK

This guide helps answer questions we all have, including:
• How much does rehab cost?
• How do I pay for rehab?
• What are the pros and cons of going to rehab?
• What is the difference between inpatient and outpatient? This article helps answer questions we all have, including:
• How much does rehab cost?
• How do I pay for rehab?
• What are the pros and cons of going to rehab?
• What is the difference between inpatient and outpatient?

The Binge Drinking Epidemic The guide discusses the difference between alcohol abuse and binge drinking, along with the individual and public dangers of both. It also covers tips on preventing binge drinking and alcohol abuse for different populations

Children of the Night
A non-profit organization dedicated to assisting children between the ages of 11 and 17 who are forced to prostitute on the streets for food and a place to sleep. The site includes services, hotline, and donation information.

College-Study-Drugs/A Look at the Effects of Prescription Stimulants & Healthy Alternatives

DARE Drug Abuse Resistance Education The Official D.A.R.E. Safety Buddy – RETRO BILL has just released a brand new DVD for ages kindergarten through 6th grade entitled, “RETRO BILL Safety & Self-Esteem Tips”

Drug Rehab Connections: We are not a specific treatment facility, but instead are an informational website that connects addicts and their families with the help they need to put their lives together.


Easy Does It, Inc.
A non-profit organization dedicated to assisting individuals in recovery, including housing, food, education, job training, placement and providing space for 12 Step meetings.

FREE 24 HOURHELPLINE 1.866.535.7922

The Foundation For a Drug Free World Offers free educational materials for church groups, schools and families.

A Guide to Vaping: A Teen Epidemic

Harmony Place: Talking to teens about drugs. This link was suggested by Avery and her teacher Gloria Murdoch from Hurray Avery! Since 1949, they have helped people reclaim their lives from the disease of addiction using a variety of therapeutic approaches.

Idaho Inpatient Drug Rehab Programs

It Gets Better Project
Give hope to LGBT youth Tuck Sleep Study: Alcohol and Sleep

Mothers Against Drunk Driving – MADD

Narconon The site offers a newsletter, books videos and information about recovery. You can purchase: The Way to Happiness (Non Religious Book or Video) by L. Ron Hubbard

The National Cancer Institute
The National Cancer Institute, who keep people informed on the relation between smoking and sleep disorders.

National Drug Hotline Call The National Drug Helpline at (844) 289-0879. We take more than 10,000 calls per year from Americans struggling with drug and alcohol addiction.

This site promotes the Covenant House Nineline (1-800-999-9999), which is a national, 24-hour toll-free hotline for kids and parents in crisis across the U.S. and Canada. Site also provides a forum and information on relationships, feelings, suicide, abuse, health, sex, drugs and alcohol, and running away.

Partnership for a Drug-Free America
Tips on talking to kids about drugs, as well as information on specific drugs, slang names for drugs, what they look ike, and frequently asked questions.

Quit Day

Quit Smoking Community
Quit Smoking Community, which has info on smoking and its effects.

Racing for Recovery
Racing for Recovery helps to prevent all forms of substance abuse and to provide positive alternatives for those currently battling addictions.


Radical Parenting

Recovery Centers of America Family Program

Recovery Centers of America Young Men’s Program

Recovery Centers of America Young Women’s Program

Recovery In Idaho

Teens and Vaping: How to stop teens from Vaping there isn’t a lot of credible information out there related to vaping. This is why we are here to help in creating (and constantly updating) a comprehensive guide on the subject of vaping, its dangers, and how to get teens to kick the habit.

The Recovery Village

The Recovery Village Palm Beach

Saving Teens
Saving Teens In Crisis Collaborative, who help teens and their families improve their well being.


Tobacco-Free Life

Tuck Sleep Study: How Smoking Affects Sleep

Tuck Sleep Study: Non-drug Therapies

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  1. At the Recovery Village we believe educational resources are very important to help save lives and ensure that those who are struggling have access to helpful information. Jill’s resources are great for just that reason!

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