Through the Rug

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The dogcatcher returns for Grandma Emma's dog, Domino, or is it the rug he's after?

Grandma and Alyssa follow Domino, through the rug, back to Wishville, where all wishes are granted.

Domino outsmarts the dogcatcher, and makes sure things don't turn out well for a bank robber, with a bag full of money.

Alyssa falls into the nest of a strange bird, and Grandma's most embarrassing moment is broadcast on national television.

Rub your return token and come to Wishville, for more fun adventures and magical mishaps.

Follow that Dog is a winning recipe for fun.

"Your book has inspired me to write a book with 40 chapters."
David- 10-years-old

"In Wishville you can with anything and that's what lots of kids want, to jus wish for something and they get it."
Odalis - Age 10

"I love the book, it is my favorite book. I think everyone should read it, then everyone would like it."
Nicole - Age 10